Leaders of Turkmenistan
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Look for biographies of the leaders (in Spanish) at CIDOB website. See also the former USSR for data before 1991.

Party: TDP: Democratic Party of Turkmenistan

Presidents of the Republic
Saparmurat A. Niyazov           2 Nov 1990 - 21 Dec 2006 (†2006) TDP 
Gurbanguly M. Berdymukhammedov 21 Dec 2006 -                     TDP, n/p (acting to 14 Feb 2007)

Note: Saparmurat Niyazov ruled in the late Turkmen SSR from Dec 1985 as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkmenistan (TKP) and as chairman of the Supreme Soviet from 19 Jan to 27 Oct 1990. He was ruler of an independent state since 25 Dec 1991 (the declaration made on Oct 27, 1991 was effective on that date upon dissolution of USSR). The epithet Türkmenbashy, 'Leader of the Turkmen people', inspired by Turkey's Kemal Atatürk, was conferred to him in 1993.

Prime Minister
Khan A. Akhmedov                6 Dec 1989 - 18 May 1992 (†2006)

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